Few words

My life

Welcome to my world of artistry and sculpting! Step into my creative realm where imagination takes shape and sculptures come to life.

As an artist, I pour my heart and soul into every piece I create. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final brushstroke, I embark on a journey of self-expression, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with clay, stone, and metal.

As I continue my artistic journey, I am constantly looking for new ways to convey my emotions and ideas through sculpture. Each work becomes a way for me to express my unique vision of the world.

My works are inspired by nature, human emotions and mythology. I strive to create sculptures that provoke a response from viewers and make them think. Through my works, I strive to connect emotionally with people and evoke deep feelings in them.

My experience

In 2004 I was graduated St. Petersburg State Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy of Art and Industry. Department of Architectural and Decorative Plastics Faculty of Monumental Art as professional sculptor with the right to teach special disciplines.

Since 2005, was taken part and won in many festivals and symposia on sculpture in countries such as Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Norway.

Work with wood, bronze, ceramics, as well as short-lived materials such as sand and ice.

International projects, festivals and competitions in which I participated:

2014 -2023 International festival of sand sculpture in Japan. Tottori sand museum.
(Included in top 5 museums in Japan). I was invited to be a part every year since 2014.
Rurik who build Russia — Dmitry Klimenko — Google Art and Culture.

2014-2021 Virginia Beach Neptune Festival International contest of sand sculpture.
(One of the most honorable events in Sand World). In 2017 I was winner with Andrius Petkus (Lithuania). In 2018 I was winner of second place in sculptors choice nomination.

2021 South Padre island Texas USA. International championship of sand sculpting.

2021 Warnemunde Germany International festival of sand sculpture.

2018. Fort Saint John B.C. Canada International festival of Ice carving. 

2018 Alaska High on Ice festival.

2018 San Diego USA International championship of sand sculpture.
Masterpieces by World Master sand sculptors! – Cool San Diego Sights.

2018 Rorschach Switzerland international sandskulpturen festival.
Sandskulpturenfestival: Das sind die Siegerskulpturen
Sandskulpturen-Festival in Rorschach mit russischen Team

2017-2019 Parksville B.C. Canada International festival of sand sculpture.
Vancouver island free daily.
Parksville qualicum beach news.
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2017 Revere beach USA international festival of sand sculptures.
YouTube linkPropnomicon: He Rises From the Sea.

2017 Phan Thiet Vietnam. Forgotten land Sculpture Park.

2016 «Siesta Key» Florida USA international festival of sand sculpture Crystal Classic. ‘The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!’ — to Siesta Key 


Feel free to contact anytime.

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